Monday, November 30, 2009

Food Hangover

This is how I am feeling, folks:

(image via f minus)

Sorry for the delay in posting! Very eventful weekend. Still full but now I have some Christmas shopping done! I started making some gifts last night (I recommend all of you go to the Michael's clearance section immediately! They have tons of fun stuff over there right now and they are discontinuing a bunch of Martha Stewart stuff that I got for 99 cents each, baby!). No wedding stuff unless you count some feathers I bought for my fascinator. Still waiting to hear from the caterer. Clearly, I will keep you posted.

Also, there are 3 soon to be relatives engaged and getting married. I feel like this may be highlighting some of the things we have decided on in an extra bright light. For example, not registering which leads to no showers ( I am preferring to hopefully have 'making tons of decorations and eating fancy pizza and drinking' parties). Any of you in a similiar boat? I haven't felt this weird and out of place since high school.

How was your holiday weekend?

and on a floral note:Aren't these wonderful?

(all images via simple song)

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  1. What? No showers?

    If you are being true to yourself. Tell them to suck it.