Saturday, November 21, 2009

This Tornado Loves You (aka I can't stop listening to Neko Case)

Is it just me or would both of these 'thanksgiving centerpiece ideas' be gorgeous as wedding centerpieces too?


I saw a friend the other night and we are planning on hitting up the local farmers markets in the spring/summer to check out the selection. These are exactly what I was thinking of:

(i think from style me pretty)

I totally love her hair and am drooling on my keyboard over it.

(image via the always fabulous ruffled blog...view more awesomeness here)

Go to these!

I've already posted about this wedding but I still can't get about its cuteness

Love love love this super fun looking wedding ( great colors too!)

The sweetest wedding ( love the lace and hair piece)

Make your own fancy pants necklace

I want to be friends with them!

Great engagement picture


  1. I really like the first centerpiece.

    Girl's tattoo is what makes me drool!

  2. Our tastes are so alike. LOVE the flowers and LOVE the centerpieces. Also, her hair flower is blowing my mind. TOO CUTE TO HANDLE. Thanks for another fantastic post.

  3. roxanne- me too! the artwork is ridiculously good

    crystal- thanks!