Wednesday, November 4, 2009

stuff I like/want to steal & DIY

This entire wedding is pretty badass. See the rest here.

(image via brideonashoestring)

This is ridiculously awesome. I would love to have a 'map' of how everyone knows us or each other. Not only would it be great for the wedding, I would definetly frame it and hang it up at home after.

(image via you are my fave)

I love the sneaky bouquet in the back. I love the fruit/flower combo. Probably smells good too.

(image via project wedding...can't find link to whole wedding, sorry!)

I just had to post this since I adore Ry's beard. I want him to have a crazy beard for the wedding like this but I feel bad because I know it itches.

(image via here)

I love little personal touches like this. I would do a program if it looked like this.


  1. If you figure out how to DIY that chart, share the info. I am DYING to have that at my wedding too!

  2. I love that wedding. here's the whole thing!