Saturday, November 7, 2009


first off, you, yes you, reading this rock! thanks for all your helpful comments. I really appreciate it!

have to apologize for not really being in the wedding spirit right now. I think maybe when I have some extra cash to throw around I will start investing in supplies. Right now, I am in crazed Thanksgiving/ Christmas mode. I am going to try again to make all my gifts or get them off etsy. As of now, I have only bought 2 gifts. I am one of the those nuts who is usually done way before Christmas but because this year I have decided to take on some more involved handmade items, I really should have started much sooner.

The only wedding things I've really been looking at hilarious wedding mishaps/ crazy theme weddings like this:

(image via here, which I recommend going to if you want to feel better about your wedding ideas, trust me you will after seeing these pictures)

Here are some links (I am off to narrow done my recipe collection to figure our what cookies/recipes I will making for xmas this year. I'm thinking about lots of flavored alcohol too)

Great wedding for anyone interested in using pumpkins

Wedding with extremely sweet details
(I always get the sense from weddings like this that even though they look effortless a crazy amount of time went into them. kind of like when you see scenester boys with bed head that they acyually spent hours perfecting)

P.S. I think I might be really gross if I see a picture like this and think 'wow where can I get a meal like that?' Does it not count if I only thought it for a second???


  1. Thanks for the wedinator link, I can't believe I've not seen that site before - I've just spent the last little while cracking up! x