Thursday, November 12, 2009

SSL or sorry so late

To be honest the computer was not working this morning so that is why I did not post then. However, the reason I am posting so late now is that I was just wasting time on youtube watching these clips. Then I might have looking at wedding blogs which somehow dissolved into me looking at pictures of animals getting married aka this (you have to admit the "groom" has some pretty sweet glasses on). Alright, enough of this craziness. Here is some actual wedding stuff which made my heart skip a beat:

(image via ruffled)

I love the picture frame idea but what I think I love more is how cool that girl is. Badass tattoo, adorable dress, wicked glasses. Maybe she wants to hang out?

'Cause I really needed a reason to love Miss Pickles Press more.

( see the rest of the photos here)

This awesome collection of cake toppers. I was thinking about doing this as I stumble upon tons of different toppers I want. That or I can truly be a crazy person and buy them all and adorn each cupcake. No, the collection idea seems better.


  1. well if you want to go with wise men instead of cake toppers I might know a source....

  2. ha ha someone trying to get rid of some wise men?