Monday, November 9, 2009

push it real good

(image via offbeat bride)

Happy Monday everyone! Did you get any wedding stuff done this weekend? I sure didn't, I don't think I even talked about my wedding!

(from this etsy shop)

Wouldn't this be sweet to hang up somewhere at your venue? I love it. Oh yes I did manage to add things to my etsy favorites. If I can get anything done, its making wishlists. Also, urban outfitters is giving away someone 's wishlist! I recommend getting your butts over there and updating yours. Like I spent the whole day doing last week.

(image from this etsy shop)

I really want one of these for our house. Of us of course, not Tom and Ruth, even though they sure are cute. We did discuss getting this as a possible wedding gift for each other.

(from this etsy shop)

Great wedding clutch but I saw one for $7 at a shop near my old apartment that I might pick up instead.

Even a couple bonus links! (not bad for a sleepy Monday, ey?)

I am in love with these handmade hot air balloons.

Also, more tree trunk floral arrangements.

P.S. I've heard 'Push It' twice between Saturday and today. Things might be awesome this week.

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