Thursday, November 19, 2009

on my honor

(image via rock n'roll bride)

Still spending my time (I was going to say 'wasting' but I suppose it isn't wasting if it helps me find relevant things/prices) researching everything. I found some dates for farmers markets (with fresh flowers) near me. Most of them run from April through September so I can't really research their selection yet. But even if I end up buying them at a wholesale club/supermarket they won't need as much advanced notice as a florist. But heres to hoping the farmers markets work out!

Also, I 'feel' (this feeling has been wrong before) that I am losing weight. I think I can directly attribute it to watching eating contests on the travel channel every night. If I am right, I should patent that sucker! I lost 5 lbs watching a man eat a 5lb sandwich in 30 minutes! I also feel like I could do most anything if there is a free tshirt in it for me at the end.

I've also been looking for some old campy images to make our postcards for the faux guestbook. Here are some I found:

(found here)

I mean this is my favorite for obvious reasons. Such a weird creepy name for a scout group. Also, I just wish.... I mean if only we could figure out who it once belonged to....

(from the book 'Janet Lemmon at Camp Calamity' found here)

(from an old boy scout guide found here)

(found here)

(found here)


Good DIY link!

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