Monday, November 23, 2009

my blog does not hate meatloaf**

(image from here)

So my friends I have nothing new to report but boy do I have some awesome DIY links for you! I cannot wait to start them all! Eeeee!

Good to do in lieu of chopping your own trees down. But where do I buy birch paper?!?! Help!

Sweet paper dresses

Make your own stylish shoes (or atleast the details)

Super cute free camp-y templates here and here! (P.S. this site is awesome for templates!)

Camp wedding!
These are the weddings I love. They just look so...happy!

Ruffled does it again

**this is in response to my fiance since he thinks my blog hates him because it no longer appears on my blogroll for some reason. Read all the hilarity for yourself here

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