Thursday, November 5, 2009

i should really get ready for work instead of blogging

Couple things:

-The previous post was a little light so I'm giving you guys more bang for your buck (even though this is free). How often do you guys do the 'If I had a million dollars I would so do (fill in the blank) for the wedding...'? I love that we are trying to save most of the wedding we are getting towards this to go to future expenses (babies, household expenses, other bills, etc) but every once in a while I stumble upon something pretty cool. But then I realized I do this for most things, like clothes or cool household accessories, so I should just keep making 'if only...'lists as long as I'm making actual progress as well

- My hair is getting long. Really long. Originally, I was growing it out from a short do after I donated my hair (I really have to send that bag of hair). Then I was too impatient for it to be long enough to cut again so I cut it off again. Now it is really long mostly because I am too lazy and cheap to get it cut and if I want something more involved for the wedding I figure I can just cut it to match that.

- How much do you think people read into things? For example, if we play un-romantic songs (those are the best ones anyways) at the wedding do you think anyone will notice/care/should I care? I just keep reliving my freshman year art project that my mom misinterpreted as me making a statement about a bad childhood (which I did not have, look at any picture of me growing up, I'm smiling pigtails, eating cheezits outside)

- Also what is this madness about booking hotels for out-of-town guests? It freaks me out and annoys me at the same time. Any advice or knowledge on this would be greatly appreciated.

Now that I've vented, look at these!

(image via ruffled blog)

how much do you think it would cost to rent something super sweet like this for the wedding?

From what might be one of the coolest weddings ever. See more here! Also on a side note, I need to cut myself off from Once Wed because everyday I find something new there I loove.

P.S. Shout out to my maid of honor. Happy birthday, missy! In just a couple years, we can get rum and cokes together!


  1. The only requirement for songs is that they are good songs.

    I can think of one sad orphaned refugee picture from your childhood, but you are right. 99% of the pictures of Little Lisa involve smiles and Cheez-its.

  2. We played Neko Case and Animal Collective, not romantic, but everyone danced. <3 Hope you're well! Your hair will look amazing no matter what.

  3. God I love Neko Case. We are definetly playing her

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  5. My most recent idea is to just play "Metal Machine Music" by Lou Reed the whole time.

  6. no its 'egg cream' or nothing

  7. I just stumbled across your blog today, but I agree about the music. Play what you like. I'm sure you're talking about the reception but I think it goes for pro/recessional too.
    I told my husband I wanted to walk down the aisle to Bad Company's Feel like making love.

    Although at my ex's ex's wedding she walked to Landslide. I thought that was UBER-depressing. They divorced.

  8. Oh PS. ask around to see if someone you know has a cute automobile to borrow. Our neighbor has an orange bus like the one above. We're using it for photo ops, or set up a smile booth inside, we'll see. Fun!

  9. Play whatever music you want at your wedding. It's your wedding. And I'm horrible at saving money. I always have long lists of things I want.

  10. I second the All Lou Reed, All The Time playlist.