Friday, November 27, 2009

Day of Regret, Shame & Sweatpants

I am pleasantly surprised with how the majority of yesterday went. Food was good (and the guests enjoyed it!) My favorite thing I made was this. Probably because it contained a trifecta of awesomeness: butter, sugar & maple syrup. Sadly, however the day ended with a clogged sink and a car (mine) that won't start. It is horribly rainy out and the last thing I want to do is deal with mechanics (especially new ones, I was fiercely loyal to someone in my old neighborhood). So maybe on the bright side I am forced to do nothing but craft today? We'll see about that. I did, however, spend time 'beautifying' my craft room and organizing most of my materials into bins and a large shoe caddy on the back of the door. I need some sunshine and some good luck on this Black Friday.

Here is some eye candy while I put off getting anything done today (other than drinking tons of coffee with pumpkin eggnog in it. You better believe it's as good as it sounds)

(awesome diy garland on once wed)

(image via budget savvy bride...floral pocket perfection!)

(image via oh so beautiful paper... how awesome are these table numbers???)

( gorgeous hair found via cup of jo and here)

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  1. i love the floral garland. i am actually making it for my wedding. my grandma has some amazing vintage fabric that i think i'll see if i can use