Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Flowers Everywhere

(image from here...I like her bouquet!)

So I'm thinking supermarket flowers. Or Costco. Or farmer's market. Any advice from former brides out there/ anyone who has dealt with large scale flower needs? I think they may be cheapest. I can scope out selection. Not have to freak out about how my online shipment will look when it shows up. I realize I've bored you with this before but I found this is my new tangent. I found this breakdown on Real Simple:

Amaryllis: $6 to $8
Anemone: $1 to $2
Aster: about $1
Calla Lily: $2 to $5
Cosmos: about $1
Daffodil: less than $1.50
Dahlia: $1.50
Delphinium: $1 to $2
Gardenia: $8 to $20
Gerbera Daisy: $1 to $3
Gladiolus: $2 to $3
Heather (filler): less than $1.50
Hyacinth: $1 to $3
Iris: $1 to $1.50
Lilac: $3
Lisianthus: $1 to $2
Ornithogalum (Star-of-Bethlehem): $1 to $2
Orchid (Cattleya, by the bloom): $14
Peony: $4 to $7
Phlox: $1 to $2
Poppy: about $1.50
Ranunculus: $1 to $2
Stephanotis: $1 to $3
Sunflower: $2 to $3
Sweet Pea: $1 to $2
Tulip: $1 to $4
Viburnum (shown above): $3 to $6
Zinnia: about $1.50

Is that accurate? $14 for a flower! One?! I feel like I'm in over my head here.


Also, anyone not doing a bouquet? Should I even bother or just stick with table flowers?


  1. Sounds like we have some of the same ideas! I'm trying real hard to find some locally-grown wildflowers. I want to support locality and spend the least amount possible on flowers. I am going to have a small bouquet and some simple flower arrangements for the tables (using braches and moss for fillers). Now...if only I could find a way! Let me know what you come up with.

  2. another idea i'm trying to learn more about...possibly growing you own flowers for the big day. Not sure how that's going to work out for me herein utah during wintertime.

  3. yes! teamwork is key. I will keep you posted with updates :)

  4. I am also wanting to do the same idea with using someone from my local farmer's market instead of going the florist route. I think it'll save money plus support the local movement :) I'm a little ways from looking around and getting prices and such but it's been awesome to look around your blog! Definitely adding you to my blogroll! Keep us all updated!!

  5. I vote farmers market. We did a combo of dahlias from a local grower and garden roses, football mums and billy balls from and the dahlias where by far the best. they looked amazing and were super inexpensive. The online flowers where blah, a lot of them never even opened up and they looked limp and sad. I wouldn't recommend online. It is a huge hassle and completely nerve wracking.

  6. Erin, thank you so much! Your wedding was so gorgeous by the way! congrats!

    carissa- i think it will be great to bounce ideas off one another!

  7. For the decorative flowers, the boy and I plan on growing a field of our own wildflowers on my dad's property. Cheap and beautiful!

    We are going to pick up the flowers for my bouquet from the local farmer's market, and Zack (the boy) is going to arrange it for me. :-)