Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Oh, Wednesday

I got nothing, folks. So please enjoy the following things I like (I apologize when my posts are more like cheesy clip shows than anything of substance... as I mentioned earlier I am in full holiday stress-out mode and have wasting entirely too much time trying to think of hilarious facebook statuses)

I've been looking at wedding bands for a while and I have narrowed down the two types I really like:

(from this etsy shop)

I love how personal it is and how it makes me think of law & order at the same time.


(from this etsy shop)

I am a complete sucker for hidden engravings. Maybe I just like secret things?

And for the dudes in my life:

for dad:

(image from this etsy shop)

for the ring bearer:

(image from this etsy shop)

I love that the description calls these monkeys. I love them but only see bear. Am I right? P.S. I realized the pun after, but did laugh.

for the (future) husband:

(image from this etsy shop)

They also have green lantern, captain america and superman if you're so inclined.

Also, if when I have the money I go to buy these things and they are all sold out I will say 'screw it' and make them myself. Maybe.

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