Monday, November 16, 2009

shopping on ebay burns calories, right?

I was fully expecting to go home today and start cleaning the house for the upcoming holidays and also work out. Then I walked into my home and made the mistake of looking at my couch. That is where you will find me. Also, did I mention I just got up to clean and ate a skinny cow ice cream sandwich instead? Really?

Do you guys watch SNL? You know that segment in weekend update called "really?"? That's how I feel when I look at jcrew shoes (and when I go to clean and eat ice cream instead). Even on ebay I feel like their prices are exorbitant. Also, having spent under $500 on my dress, I feel like it would be silly to spend a good chunk of that on shoes as well. But that being said, I reeeeally want both these pairs of shoes (which would total just shy of $200 if I got them)

(image from here, ebay wouldn't let me use theirs)

(image from here, ditto above)

Here's some more I adore ( not j-stupid expensive-crew):

($39, kinda wish I could see the back)

($13 bucks?! what?!)

(betsey johnson, $54)

And a non-ebay related tidbit:

(image via youaremyfave...what a fabulous shower!)

I love image. It made me want to use some yellow tomatoes in our summer wedding.

And last by not least:

I love her bridesmaids' dresses

I want this whole wedding!

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