Monday, December 28, 2009

it's either this or buy the world's best corset

I am not one of those people with totally unrealistic goals about losing tons of weight before her wedding day ( one of my mom's friend's daughter in law bought her dress several sizes too small in anticipation of losing weight). I do however, want to fit into my dress and look good in pictures (the picture part may never be saved, I don't think losing weight can stop me from making weird faces...or can it??). As I scanned the knot's list yesterday (why I do that to myself I have no idea), I saw one of the urgent items on my to-do list was "take better care of yourself" aka "get in shape, fattie". I felt a twinge of guilt clicking it off as I ate a salami and cheese sandwich. But I did because I bought these this weekend:


(both images via amazon)

Wish me luck because I totally hate working out.
(also, I'm totally buying a corset anyways)


  1. Oh good luck!!! You'll have to share, Ive heard that DVD works wonders.

  2. *sigh* I hate working out though. Just the THOUGHT of it makes me tired. Isn't that awful? But I think I need to do that. Or stop eating completely.