Sunday, December 27, 2009

still not sure about haggis

Couple updates (and actual wedding ones!):

1-I got my fascinator in the mail! It is even better than the photos online! I cannot recommend this etsy seller enough. Please, blog friends, if you are still looking for a hair accessory for the big day (or know someone who is) hit up FataleFemme's etsy shop. Speaking of, everyone I've ordered from on etsy has been great.

2- I do not know if I have ever posted about this before but the future hubs has decided on his wedding attire:

(image via offbeat bride...which has 3 tagged pages worth of kilt weddings)

He wore them to his proms. My main concern was that he was wearing it to be funny but if he is truly representing his Scottish heritage, I say go for it. One quick question: how bad is red tartan going to look with some of my yellow wedding ideas? I think it may confirm I need to buy these shoes however.

3- as a result of the kilt ( or atleast the kilt got the convo going), the honeymoon may have changed locales from New Hampshire b&b to:

(image via lonely planet)

Still need to figure out financially if we can make it work but exciting news nonetheless!


  1. I've nominated you for a blog award!

  2. how did i just find your blog now? it's awesome. i love those vivienne westwood shoes! they're ridiculously cute and it will be so awesome with his kilt. by the way, i think yellow and red look good together.