Wednesday, December 16, 2009

shopping fun!

So I can check a couple things off the dreaded to-do list. I purchased these today:

1. my fascinator

(image via fatalefemme's etsy shop)

2. pins for the bridesmaids/moms/officiant

(image via Beth1818's etsy shop)

3. postcards (to be used in lieu of guest book...obviously I need more than 2 but it's a start!)

(image via reamsoffun's etsy shop)


  1. Sweet! Great job. Now, if only I could start checkin some stuff off my list...

  2. thanks! the key to checking stuff of a list is to put really simple things on it like 'get out of bed' and 'take a shower' :)

    that way you feel good when you check 3 or 4 things off right away!