Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Cough Drops and Caramels

So I have to say I felt like crap for most of today so I was glad I didn't have to work. Luckily 2 of my favorite guilty pleasure shows were having marathons! I did make some homemade egg drop soup that turned out good and I did manage to get a good amount of things done like decorate the house, bake cookies, make marshmallows, exchange gifts with my dad and prep some appetizers for Christmas day (I'm making a big antipasti platter so I'm marinating various olives, cheese, etc). Also, I've cleaned up so far in the christmas gift department! woo!

Here are some things that I've been bookmarking:

(image via creature comforts)

how perfect is this? something as simple as beautiful script and adorable tags can really make something extraordinary. Good inspiration for my smores favors!

(image via frolic!)

what is the summer equivalent of this? because I totally love it!

Lastly, this post made me spend hours looking at velvet flowers on etsy

***Also, I am a maniac tomorrow so not sure if I will post but I promise I will try!

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  1. Mmm marinating olives and cheese? I wish I lived in your area so I could volunteer to taste test. Happy holidays!