Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Me vs. Snow

I am up earlier than normal because my commute this morning is going to be getting its butt kicked by snow. Let's hope my head start gets me there at some kind of reasonable hour.

Last night, I had a slight, lets be honest, major freakout. Do you ever have one of those days where one thing goes wrong and you immediately think of everything thats ever gone wrong and it snowballs into some kind of crazy enormous issue when it really was something tiny? No, just me? Basically, I messed up a couple christmas presents I was making and that spiraled into me being nervous about fitting into my gown and getting the wedding ready on time. Normal segueway (sp?) right?

So here is some inspiration to get you (and me) started on a happy note this Wednesday:

(awesome garland via once wed)

(pinwheels via style me pretty....definetly making these)

(adorable bride via style me pretty)


Please buy me everything from here. Pretty please???

More centerpiece inspiration! And you can buy the supplies here.


  1. Hey, I've just stumbled across the post you so kindly featured some of my work clear back on Oct. 11---thanks so much!! I tried finding an email or something to get ahold of you, but the point is, maybe if you still were interested in a hairpiece or something, we could work something out where you promise to pay shipping and blog about it to get what you'd like....let me know! CH

  2. I know what you mean, I have little melt downs like that too. And I too have a girl crush on that super cute bride from Style Me Pretty!

  3. i have to say prepping for a wedding makes me feel crazy 99% of the time