Sunday, December 6, 2009

Panic (and not on the streets of London)

So I had a nightmare this weekend that it was my wedding day and of course everything was going wrong. I tried on my dress and it was see through and for some reason I had invested in this zebra print corset number ( which actually sounds pretty cool as I type this but not for a see through wedding dress). I had also forgot to finalize details with all the vendors so no one showed up. I was panicking getting ready and grabbing flowers at my mom's house. I kept telling Ry " oh my god we're going to miss it" and he kept saying "Don't worry we're going to be fine" and we did miss it.

Jeeeeez, those are the last dreams I need to be having right now. Do you guys have similiar night terrors???

On a less scary wedding note, I love this!!!

(image via the cutest wedding on snippet & ink...more here)


  1. I still don't understand how a couple could miss their own wedding. It doesn't happen if we're not there.

  2. it just happened alrigh! you're the one who told me it would be fine! :)