Monday, December 14, 2009


After a weekend full of gluttony (aka weekend of 3 christmas parties and a cheeseburger and staying up way past my bedtime), I am feeling satisified/ panicky about eating so badly. But damn do I love all appetizer parties. In part why I am having a christmas one. I was supposed to have a fitting this week but after talking with my (future) sister-in-law have canceled it and need to reschedule for a time closer to when I am actually getting married hopefully negating my cheesy intake this weekend. Also, leaving me more time to buy some kind of corset and more time to make christmas gifts in time. Ry also set up a time to meet the caterer so my crazy anxious self is psyched. I would be jazzed about some kind of tasting plate (pulled pork, pulled chicken, green beans, mac and cheese, sweet potatoes....yummmm. Oh lord, here I go again with food).

Also anyone stressed out about this holiday season should go here.

(from old once wed post...wouldn't it be great though???)

(super cute wedding and bride via lucky me...I'm pretty sure she is wearing an awesome stephanie james dress)

(paint covered engagement shoot via brooklyn bride)

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  1. Just LOOKING at that paint engagement shoot makes my OCD skin crawl. I don't think that is normal.