Friday, July 30, 2010

Bear Hug!

(image from here....just on a side note, I was actually googling pictures of care bears to post since I'm pretty sure one was called hugs a lot or something of that nature..children of the 80s, help me out! what was that bear's name???)

Happy Friday all! I just wanted to give a shout out to all my awesome friends and family and the always amazing blogger community for the sweet thoughtful comments you guys have posted lately (you know who you are). Thanks for everything!

P.S. What are you guys up to this weekend? Hopefully I am finishing wedding things (see: all previous lists). Also, we have wedding 3 tomorrow!
***Also: Listen to some Bowie this weekend in honor of this lady! Britt, you totally rock and your wedding is going to be phenomenal! I know it!***


  1. prettty sure you nailed it Hugalot Bear? my mom "handmade" my carebear cause i wanted grumpy but w/out the raincloud. looked more like the emaciated older brother of the carebears, but cute in his own way.


    Gotta love wikipedia! I see a Baby Hugs Bear (often called Hugs) and a Love-a-Lot Bear. I had a handmade Funshine bear. Classic :)

    Have fun at the wedding!!

  3. Yay! Happy Friday! We gettin' murried soon!

  4. jasper & tine- ya guys! way to find this out

    angie- i know! holy moley! you're down to single digits eek!

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