Wednesday, July 14, 2010


According to the knot, I only have 10 things left to do (Project Wedding still has me at 26). What the?????? Ryan just got his suit, my mom booked and invited people to the pre wedding dinner and we applied for our marriage license, so those were a couple more checks off the list. While that number is awesome since it is so little, it is also super scary because the wedding is almost here and the knot's list doesn't include things like 'Lisa, finish your damn garlands! Put those little matchbooks into all your favors! Facebook harass people who haven't rsvp'd and whose help you need! Why haven't you bought tissue paper!? You need to make poms! Why is the paper you bought to make cones to hold the flags still sitting there?! Make those damn cones!' (So basically, I am picturing the knot or any other wedding website with a checklist, yelling at me like Harvey on Celebrity Fit Club. Oh, don't act like you don't watch it. Oh, you really don't?? Well, you are a better person than I)

(image from here)


  1. the knot's checklists are far from rooted in reality.

    you'll get it all done. and the stuff you don't, you won't notice.

  2. The Kn*t's checklists include things like, "Don't forget to order your personalized napkins from our fabulous online store," so I don't think that checklist counts.

    You'll get there. I am so excited for you!

  3. Yes, whittle that list down and get rid of those ridiculous things and it will feel much better!

  4. VH1 Celebreality is my fave. Absolute fave.

    I had a dream that I bought a million pounds of tissue paper for pom making. Your post just reminded me. Haha... oh man, this wedding needs to get here already!

  5. girl you are almost must be so satisfying to be checking off things on your list!!!
    you can do it
    i can't wait to see your wedding all put together!!!

  6. elizabeth, anna & l&l: thanks for all the support! it is much needed right now ha ha

    sarah- that made me laugh out loud :)

    angie- what a scary dream! so many poms...

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