Sunday, July 18, 2010

more signs!

Today I met with my aunt aka florist about the flowers and vases. I am very excited because I think it is going to be very colorful and fun. Then I came home and worked on lists (what needs to be done day of, contact numbers, what to pack and bring, etc). I am going to type up checklists to streamline the process. Also, I made these signs:

this is my favorite for sure...

I'm going to fold these in half and put them on tables. I don't think I need to put them on benches because we are going to have people helping seat the guests. What do you think? Should I use them there too just in case?

This makes me laugh. I'm probably overtired.

Time to work on the #$@% garland!


  1. Superman looks happy and threatening at the same time. Good luck on your garland adventures!

  2. tamar- thanks!

    lisa- he means business! it'll make sure random people don't sit there (hopefully) :)

  3. this whole post gave me the biggest smile
    these are awesome lady

  4. How awesome is that coloring sheet sign?! I love it! And Captain Marvel to the restrooms makes me laugh.

    I would put the reserved signs anywhere someone might sit where they're not supposed to. Better safe than a crabby grandparent.

  5. Watch it folks! Capt. Marvel's gotta go!


    These are hysterical and awesome. Nice work!

  6. spare thoughts- thank you!!

    L&L- thank you so much! p.s. I can't even deal with your updates lately because I love everything youre making sooooooo much!

    sarah- thank you! thank for the tip about seating too :)

    angie- thanks!! ha ha. hopefully you will get to rest now after such a crazy couple weekends!

  7. Those are SO fun! Great job!!! :)

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