Thursday, July 15, 2010

1 month

Woot, woot. I am marrying that guy I love in 30 freakin days. (Okay, breathe. You'll get everything done you need to. Anything you don't, not important, right? RIGHT?!?!? Okay, breathe). Because I love me some lists, here are the last minute things I'm worrying about/need to finish/start:

1- finish favors
2- finish stringing garland (soooo easy! why am I putting this off like a mofo? what is wrong with me? I know what it is! Its bad tv and couch potatoe-ing needing my full attention. If only they wouldn't play marathons of 'I'm Pregnant and....' and I didn't hobble together a dinner of handfuls of chips, some low fat pudding, a few bites of a bad frozen dinner and few sips of awful soup.....If all that didn't happen, then I would be productive...or not)
3- make final signs- one greeting guests at entrance, signs for bathroom, reserved seat signs (since we are not having a seating chart, we just want to make sure immediate family/bridal & groom parties are near us)
4- speaking of seating charts, one thing I saw and loved at the beginning of this 'inspiration' process was a chart bride has at her wedding that explained who everyone was . I would looove to do this but not sure how feasible it will be. We'll see.
5- actually type of events of that weekend, events of the day
6- give caterer final # (our caterer and cupcake girls are very relaxed and don't want any deposits)
7- thinking of good dance-y songs that aren't 'We are Family' (nothing wrong with that song! Just not for us...I'm thinking more like 'Dr. Feelgood and any Journey song except 'Open Arms'... I want people dancing and I think people dance less to songs they don't know, right?)
8- finish buying gifts for anyone ever who is helping us with the wedding (eeek!)
9- buy a badass pinata for the bachlorette fiesta
10- change my name (and shift current last to my new middle name. also, no idea where my social security card is...oops!)
11- type up what I need help with on day of (mostly decorating, probably should include pictures/drawings)

Phew. That's it (for now). How are you guys dealing with the stress/last minute things? Heavy drinking? Heavy Ben & Jerry eating? Give me tips.


  1. I actually started yoga. It really helped! In addition to being really relaxing (try Rodney Yee) it really helps tone you for the big day! If you can get past the lame music and the fact that they're always somehow in the mountains, I found it really beneficial.

  2. you sound very together- knowing what needs to happen is half the battle!

  3. word verification was unhingu - too close to unhinged for a bride to be not to comment ;)

  4. When you plan for so long, it gets nerve-wracking to know its so close! I'd say a Sam Summer on the beach is just what you need :) You are so right on the dancing, most people would rather dance to a mediocre song they know than a great one they've never heard before. "Don't stop believing" is a classic! Last wedding I went to, me and my cousins totally rocked that song!

    PS. Speaking of drinks, are you doing cocktail hr on the porch?

  5. What a list! You are so damn organized and I love it!

    We usually get stressed out and nitpick at other things like the dishes not being washed or socks laying on the floor. Yea... SO productive for wedding planning, right?

    We'll get it done. I took a couple more days from work and I plan to run around like a crazy gal. We really only have chalkboards, poms, centerpieces, final payments left. The rest are all little things I can sort through as we get closer..... I really need to stop saying that because we only have four weeks!

  6. I think that I am getting married the weekend before you at Camp Kiwanee. August 7th. Good luck with the planning. I am so excited!

  7. Lisa- sounds amazing! I always mean to start yoga. For now, I'll stick to drinking.

    elizabeth- thanks that makes me feel better!

    spare thoughts- ha ha ha unhinged is the perfect word

    sarah- yay! a little nervous and stressed but definitely 'yay' too!

    tina- I don't think so. we are doing small appetizers on the tables and an open bar

    angie- this is the time i do things like 'reorganize my closet!/ of course i should do that now instead of my wedding to-dos!' good luck with your last minute things too. our weddings will rock everyone's sock off

    erika- good luck to you too! camp kiwanee is the best, I am so happy we chose them!

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