Monday, July 12, 2010

venue pics!

Stopped by the venue, to drop off last minute paperwork and payments. My mom sent me an email that said 'first of 50!' So clearly I have a couple pictures to show you guys:

Driving up to the lodge

Outside of lodge

Inside the lodge. This is where we will sit & eat & dance. Also, those poles running around the room are what I will hang the tissue paper poms from.
Trying out the garlands (with some assistance from the very nice guy who works there). Hooray! I like them! What do you think??

table for guest book postcards/mailbox

Table for cards/gifts and favors. Unsure what to put the favors in (can I just stack them??) but I am going to put out a vintage suitcase propped open for cards/gifts. Ryan had such a great idea for us to write each other cards and put them in there so people will know where to put their cards and also so we can write each other a little something something.
*Help needed: Where should I put the kid's activity sheets??? Hmmmm....

And hopefully where we are getting married. Only thing is some people can sit on the benches but some will have to stand (we will have a mic so people will be able to hear us). We may get married up on the porch instead for more people to be able to see us. Regardless, people are standing. The actual ceremony will only be between 15-30 minutes and we're having an open bar for the reception. Oh yes, they will be rewarded for standing.


  1. This is going to be an amazing place for you! I am jealous! The garlands look fab! Yay for checking more things off your list!

  2. love it! it looks beautiful and rustic and wonderful for a wedding!!!! I also love that there is outdoor space for people!

  3. lovely. and the garland is a definite GO.

  4. Oh! I LOOOOOVE it! It's beautiful already with the wood and the views and all your crafts will look STUNNING here. Like that garland. Love.

  5. That's such a beautiful location! The outdoor scenery is awesome and the garland for inside is some of the best I've ever seen. Kudos.

  6. This is so pretty! I can't wait to see how it all comes together. I love your ceremony site overlooking the lake. Gah!

    You could put the kid's activity books where you have the seating chart. Add a little sign along the lines: Are you a kid? Did you bring a kid? Take One!

  7. The garland looks AMAZING! Your venue is stunning, it's gonna be greeeeat!

  8. LOVE the garland and that is an amazing venue! i can't wait to see pics of it all done up and people having fun :)

  9. Oh it is so pretty! Everything about it!

    So exciting!

  10. omg! that lake is beautiful!

    the decos are gonna look hot, the poms are gonna look hot, and so will you and Ry!

    but guess what WON'T be hot? your guests!!! because yo lodge just got air conditioning!!! WHAT-WHAT!!!!

  11. you guys are all so nice! thank you so much!

    sarah- great idea!! thank you!

    angie- this made me laugh so hard :)

  12. ahhhhhh!!!! this is such a cool venue
    the garlands are ADORABLEEEEEE

  13. This is fantastic!! I sincerely can't wait to see and read more!

  14. Awesome pics!!! I've been meaning to get up there and take some! This was super helpful:) I LOOOOVE your garland. I do hope that you think that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery! lol I am totally stressing lately about how to decorate!!! Are you doing the other garlands along the beams, or diagonally? I def want to do something from the ceiling as well. Did you already measure it all?

    I'm also debating doing the separate deck ceremony vs the porch. I love being so close to the water, but I'd feel bad for people who can't see. I am so torn! How many guests will be at your wedding? How are you thinking of decorating the ceremony?

    Way to go on your checklist btw! You're an inspiration hehe

  15. l&l + d&b- thank you guys so much!

    tina- my mom is super into photography now so they are all her pics. It is such a nice looking place so decorations are really just a bonus. I have 2 kinds of garland, some wreaths and I'm making tissue pom poms to hang from the ceiling. Anything else will be if I'm feeling super ambitious

    as for the ceremony, I really want to have it on the porch. It will be short and we have a mic, I hope the short people just stand in front!

    its so nice to talk to a fellow kiwanee bride. thanks so much for your kind words!