Thursday, July 29, 2010


(image from here... I would just like to mention that in 5th grade we made 'homemade' stress balls out of balloons and some kind of constarch mix. I popped it almost immediately. This whole stressed out business is nothing new)

So as I was catching up on fellow bloggers' posts this morning, I realized something scary. If Angie has 17 days to go, I have 18 (also, go to angie's page and check out her amazing photo shoot with something i sent her)! Scratch that, that post was from yesterday. I have 17 freakin days left!!!!! I should have probably done something last night instead of staying up until the wee hours of the morning reading this (I can't put it down, well I had to to go to work and drive my car, etc but thats besides the point). Ah, whats done is done. Today is another day where I can put off doing things another day. So here my friends are a couple last minute lists:

1. finish thank you gifts (I keep having new fun ideas but maybe I should tone it down a little and just get it done already!)
2. finish cake topper
3. make tissue poms (I have sort of lost steam when it comes to this... I am doing a lot of thinking along the lines of 'well I already have a lot of other decorations, do I really need more.....' )
4. finish buying supplies for bachlorette (pinata, decorations? do people care about decorations for a bachlorette? atleast i can wait on buying the food)
5. finish putting together OOT bags (the supplies are literally sitting beside the bags, also I have one more bag to make, new(er) guest is definitely coming now)
6. call caterer & cupcake people
7. buy a bathing suit (so dreading this....)
8. finish buying any last minute supplies I want/need on day off (remote timer for camera, extra tissues, etc)
9. i realize this is a little premature but at some point in the future, I need to pack
10. finish typing lists/ asking for day of help
11. print out signs (why is this hard?????)

here is what is actually happening (not on a to-do list):

1. stressing out about people who haven't rsvp'd yet but not want to call them then just give up hoping they will and assume they are coming
2. stressing out about how I look awful in every picture taken of me and oh god what are the wedding pictures going to be like?!?!??!?
3. while stressing out about how i look fat in pictures, continue eating
4. stressing about about imaginary things like what if i get an awkward sunburn before the 15th (which will undoubtably happen....any "tan" i get is an awkward sunburn)
5. stressing out about gifts i'm making (as part of the gifts, i have been looking for quotes/poems, nice prose, etc and found nice ones on most family members except mother-in-laws, am i the only person on earth who really likes their mother in law?? I even googled 'nice mother in law' and it still got me nowhere. help?!!?!)
6. i'm sure theres some other stresses rolled in there too.


  1. Someone needs a margarita. I'm not going to tell you not to stress because I did it, every bride does it. But I will tell you that you only have 17 days left to stress because when you get to your special day, none of that stuff will matter in the least. Your pictures are going to turn out fantastic, because they will be a visual reflection of you and Ryan's love. And stop stressing about the bathing suit cuz it ain't for you, it's for him and he is going to love whatever you put on, darlin! get excited, it's almost here!

  2. lisa- you are seriously the nicest! thank you for this. also, i looooove all the bags you've been making!!!!

  3. oh, man, my heart is beating like crazy reading your to do list and stress pretty much because I am also hitting the "OH SHIT!" moments way more frequently than I'd like.

    Lets try to take Lisa's word to heart, ok brain? no? ok, whatever. resume stressing.

  4. You can do it. Hang in there.

    Also note that my mother in law sent me one of those squeezy things in a bar exam care package, and my sister in law discovered they terrify animals. So if you have any pets and are kind of mean (like me), try to blow off steam by squeezing it in the face of your pet and watching them bark/hiss and run away.

  5. pack the night before.


    it'll force you to take a break from the wedding crazy and focus on happy trips.

  6. Deep breath. I can't believe you're only 17 days away!

    I say, drop the pom poms. Take it from me, they're a pain and although they're pretty, if you have enough decor already, don't worry about them. And may I suggest some delegating? Maybe you could ask a friend or family member to do some of your calling around for you? Oh, and, also, put "relax" on your to-do list. That's a big one.

  7. 1.) You have so many awesome decorations. You don't have to worry about the tissue poms. Although, if you do still want to do them don't forget that I can help you on the 13th. With margaritas in hand.

    2.) Don't worry about decorations for the bachlorette!! All we care about are the margaritas. And I'm going to leave work as early as I can to come help you get set up/make food/drink margaritas.

    3.) Your "Old Maid of Honor" already has a peeling face ala "Face Off". We can be matchy and just call it part of the theme. Let Laura know.

  8. hahah, lisa, i think you're my hero. i have no idea how you are managing all of this stuff with 17 days left! just know it will all work out and you will be so proud of yourself for putting it together. i, for one, cannot wait to see some pictures.

  9. I laughed like a crazy person when I read this post with pic. It took me a second to get it which just goes to show you I have not fully recovered from my own wedding mania yet.

    I am so with Lisa, first comment. Once the event actually starts, none of it is going to matter too much. You will be surrounded by tons of people who are going to be seriously happy for you and Ryan and if nothing else, that amazing support alone will get you through.

    It helps to stress over all the details because the one thing you DON'T have to stress about is how great you and Ryan are together. : )

    Counting down with you and drinking a margarita in honor of how seriously awesome your wedding is going to be!

  10. I am with Lisa- you need a margarita.

    I was about to advise you, then realised I'm not married yet so I'm not really qualified :)

    Just try to tick things off one by one- most important thing first.

  11. Your "nice" mother-in-law to be doesn't need anything, but to see you not stressing! You need to enjoy every minute and let us help. I'm home and wouldn't mind calling people. Just e-mail me a list of names and phone numbers if you have them and if not how about addresses and I can find them. You have already given me the best gift I could get which is the love you have for my son. I agree with you that he is pretty special and you are so right for him. This is going to be the most amazing wedding and I am so proud of all your hard work. Everything will come together and it will be a perfect day. I can't wait and can help with anything you need!
    Love ya!

  12. i love that the overall consensus is: margarita needed :)

    jen- we'll get through this!

    hitchdied- very good to out kitties

    elizabeth- love the idea. I'll do it!

    miss fp- dropping the poms, delegating and relaxing are 3 excellent suggestions. I really need to do all of them!

    1.thank you
    2.thank you
    3. i am in love with your endless face off references lately. that is why you are my best friend

    giovanna- thank you so much! that was such a sweet thing to say

    jess- thank you for the kind words! I am being a total facebook creep and stalking for new photos of your wedding everyday. The ones Sarah took are great! You look fabulous!!!!

    miss c- i know! one by one is the way to go. I just keep trying to check off 8 at once :)

    joanne- Thank you so much for this. I am so happy and honored to be joining your family!I love you!

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