Monday, July 26, 2010

things i learned this weekend

1. probably no matter what, I am going to cry at my wedding
2. something is probably going to go wrong at my wedding and that is okay
3. our wedding is probably going to be really great
4. i was a pretty stinkin cute kid

(I am rockin that hoodie! Ha ha. I am in the midst of exploring old photos for some super secret thank you gift ideas)

Now to elaborate:

The wedding yesterday was awesome. Completely awesome. The bride looked amazing in a short white dress and bolero with super cool vintage orange jewelry. It started to rain so the whole thing ended up taking place inside this amazing restaurant. After the rain there was a great rainbow! Oh, and did I mention the bride made fantastic paper flowers? And not paper punch flowers, painstakingly hand cut ones?!?! And did I mention how to-die-for the food was?!??!? So ridiculously tasty. Also, we sat with some fun recently engaged couples and did the whole "how did you meet?" and "how did they propose?" business so that was fun, especially after some wine. The readers made me weep (Ryan did a great reading and I even had a shout out in it!). The officiant even wore a bow tie he had found on a trip during college with the groom. He had promised him that when he got married, he would wear it to his wedding. how great is that?!

also, bought some tissue paper to make poms. E-mailed camp, bartender. Bought a new dress for wedding 3 next weekend. Borrowed some jewelry from my momma to hopefully wear to the wedding. got last parts of out of town gift bags. not feeling super productive but feeling okay about it.

did i mention i found out many people at the wedding (by many I mean under 5) have read my blog??? how exciting!


  1. Just want you to know I watched the Milpool episode tonight (complete coincidence) and I thought of you!

  2. You little cutie. Oh gosh, I am going to bawl at our wedding. It won't be pretty.

    I love meeting couples who are engaged, you can all be happy and lovey together :)

  3. Too cute! I am totally bringing the cute kid photos back!

    Are these stranger people who read your blog? That would feel so weird!

  4. Yay! Awesome post! Hoory for cute baby Lisa! And getting ish done! And a beautiful bow tie story!

    We're getting so close! So close!

  5. Lisa- hooray for Milpool! That is such a good episode

    Miss C- I know! Me too! I keep saying 'Oh I won't cry' but I have cried like a baby at the last two weddings we have attended recently

    Anna- definitely! I love your kid pics. They are friends of friends so they were strangers to me but now friends!

    Angie- yes! the bowtie story was the best. they were a super fun couple to sit with too. holy smokes we are getting close! how is my to do list getting bigger each day????

    ms. wc- thanks!

    mrs. t- thank you! I think I would wear that outfit now if it was in my size

  6. i swore i would ugly-cry the whole time. i'm an emotional gal.

    but i ended up just delicately tearing and getting choked up over, "til death do us part."

    it was like a movie.

  7. You never know, you may surprise yourself. I thought I would be a mess at our wedding. I figured I would cry enough to make even waterproof mascara run. Surprisingly, I didn't shed a tear during the ceremony. Not a single one. I cry every time I read our vows. Every time I went over our ceremony script. Every time I read other peoples vows or ceremonies. But on the day of, it was dry eyes all the way. There's something about standing in front of 80+ people that changes things for some people, so don't be so sure. And, yes, of course, your wedding will be really great. No "probably" needed.

  8. yes, yes, yes AND yes. something usually doesn't go quite the way you plan it but that's what makes it memorable!

    and you were one super cute kid!

  9. elizabeth- good to know! hope i don't cry too much :)

    miss fp- i love hearing this! I really hope i just enjoy the day and don't sob! ha ha thanks about the folding too!

    liz- clearly i ate them

    iheartkiwi- thank you so much! p.s. i love love love your blog

  10. Hey there Lisa D! OMG! What a wonderful wedding shout-out. Thank you so much! The food was seriously great. Thank god. It meant so much to me to have you and Ryan there. He did an amazing job. Here are some things I learned this weekend:

    1. I am in awe of all people who survive planning and getting through their wedding. Total and complete awe.

    2. Endlessly checking the weather on when your ceremony is going to be outside does not actually make a difference (unlike pressing an elevator button over and over again which I am convinced makes the elevator arrive faster) and it drives everyone around you crazy.

    3. See #2.

    4. Most of your wedding guests will probably have no idea of some of the sheer almost complete and total disasters that went on behind the scenes. (Ask me about the wedding cake incident... hahaha)

    5. The love and support of your family and friends all together cheering you on in the same room will get you through - that and your amazing mad skills with a hot glue gun and your awesome groom.

    6. Your groom was a rock star reader.

    6. And that your wedding is SO TOTALLY going to be really great. Can't wait.

    Hang in there!

  11. Jess- I would love to hear about the cake incident sometime. Thank you so much for this sweet numbered list!

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