Monday, July 19, 2010

wedding prep as an infomercial...

Do you ever try to make garlands? Do you try to sew them and find the fabric is too thick or the needle too thin and resort to hot glueing them together instead (don't you judge me!)? Do you finally get around to making several strands then simply throw them in a pile so you can go watch a movie with your super sweet fiance? Do you then spend the entire next morning (hours, people) untangling massive piles of string? Well have I got the solution for you!

Introducing.... A PAPER TOWEL ROLL!

Simply cut slits in the top and bottom of the roll and wrap around!* No more tangled mess!

(If I was truly dedicated there would be before and after pictures of me and of course it would all be black and white)

*can't take credit for this. Think I saw it on Oh, Happy Day a while ago


  1. This is brilliant! That's basically like what spools of thread have, really, here just on a much bigger scale. I'll probably be posting this to my own blog to remember the tip.

  2. you.are.hilarious. LOVE IT!

  3. thanks girls! you guys are so nice! :)

  4. Genius! and holy crap you made all those!? I tried to use the same pattern for my garland...and then I only managed to make one pom pom before I decided that circle suck. So I am very impressed! oh, speaking of, I've been meaning to post a tutorial on garlands! thanks for the reminder!

  5. Hot glue guns are the answer to pretty much every crafting problem.

    And the paper towel roll is brilliant!

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