Friday, July 9, 2010

so it begins...

Tomorrow is our first of the 6 weddings we are attending (including our own) between now and October. I think it will be a blast, I am super excited for the bride and groom and they'll be lots of people there I like. Also, I need to learn how to bust a move in high heels. In addition to the festivities, here is a summary of what has been preoccupying me this week:

1.- my "bachlorette" (anyone else send out evites (or in my case facebook invites since I somehow messed up the evite and it wouldn't let me use the picture of my cat and a bottle of captains. see below.) and then crazily check the rsvps? nope just me?).

2.- Babies.

3.- Garlands. almost done with paper pinwheels ( a combo of 'TheFirst 48' and fro-yo helped me finish a chunk last night)! Next stop, fabric flowers. I am going to try to bring some with me when I go to the venue on Monday to see how they look!

4.- the last of "the list" (major things left: get marriage license, confirm guest list (hey! ya you the 38 left! what the deal??, give ppwk to venue, pay vendors, get freaking married!)

5. - Party Cat (was I the last to find out about this????)

6.- New Glasses!

What are your weekend plans? Hope everyone has a good one!

(also sorry for the insane use of parentheses within parentheses)


  1. sounds like an awesome weekend! we're hitting up wedding our third wedding of 6 (including our own) until october! i swear we're the same person sometimes!

    hope you have a lovely and productive and awesome weekend! your cat is so stinkin cute!

    and i think i'm the last one to see party cat, i've never seen something so amazing!

  2. angie-

    we are the same! I love it. good luck with your weddings too! Beets is such a cute snuggly cat. He is the one who sleeps with me at night. I am obsessed with party cat. I'm glad someone else didn't know about it to. I only found out about it because I always check and someone had a party cat tattoo which is super rad

  3. 1. The bachelorette party. I can't believe how close you are!

    2. Don't think about $$$ babies. Think about how cute they are. (I kid. Sort of.)

    3. Party cat!

  4. Hey! I came across your blog because I too am having my wedding at Kiwanee!!! Mine's in Sept, and I only have 5 weddings this season including my own (you beat me!). If you want to talk to a fellow Kiwanee bride, don't hesitate! Good luck with all the planning! And great blog btw :)

  5. Yay new glasses!

    You are one industrious lady! You are remembering to breathe right?

  6. elizabeth- oh yes. i am just keeping my party shoes on

    sarah- 1. eek me either! 2. thank you for your kind words. we have been talking about this more and more lately. i think we will start trying pretty soon after the wedding 3. yay!!!!

    tina- excellent! great to hear. we should definetly chat!

    anna- i will add breathing to the list :)