Monday, July 5, 2010

still full of cake...

weekend roundup!

not necessarily as productive as I wanted it to be (garlands? untouched), it was a great weekend nonetheless. Heres the breakdown:

-had a wonderful birthday full of grilling, my signature potato salad, tons of diet cokes and frescas, red velvet cake and an ice cream sundae bar. What can I do with a tub of caramel and no ice cream left? other than pour it directly into my mouth?
- do you remember when I posted about the lemon tree and the suitcases? Well my family reads my blog for sure. I got a lemon tree and both my mom and mom-in-law got me suitcases (now I get why when I went suitcase shopping with my sis she said everything was "stupid" and "ugly"). One set may be returned for store credit aka new shoes (I think I have to wear something nicer than foam flip flops to the upcoming weddings we are attending). Also received amazing salad tongs! (trust me if you saw them, you would agree!)
- received several RSVPs ( a bunch of no's which is sad but I totally understand, especially since they are out of state)....only 41 left ( if you are reading this and haven't RSVP'd...please! let me know either way! I won't be mad! I just need to know!)
-sent an official evite for bachlorette....bought solo cups and stickers and faux diamonds for deluxe solo cups ala A Los Angeles Love
- met with the photographer to discuss "must have" photos...she is awesome, I am so pumped...She is also getting married soon and Ry is her officiant (end of the month!)
-had another cookout to get rid of some of our colossal leftovers with the best man and best lady
-did some more work on out of town gift bags...also bought matchbooks for favors
- built trellis' for my out of control cuke plants ( I am growing both pickling cucumbers and lemon cucumbers which are round and yellow... I also bought a backyard homesteader book! Oh man if we only had no neighbors and a little more land, I would so be raising livestock!)
-did I mention our new neighborhood has their own 4th of july parade? I got lots of starbursts!

phew...I think thats it was your weekend?


  1. not as productive as yours!

    but this is like mad crazy productive, so i don't feel so bad...

    glad your birthday was awesome!!! and SO SO SO cool that you pickle cukes! i had no idea! a friend of mine makes the best bread and butter pickles. they are to die for.

    and YAY! for bachelorette partays!

  2. What a weekend.

    I must say, the only option for the caramel seems to be to pour it directly into your mouth. Although a lady would use a spoon ;) Hehe

  3. that sounds like an awesome (and insanely productive) weekend!

  4. thanks everyone! I guess I did alot (just never the stuff on your lists, right? ha ha)

    angie- I'll let you know hwo the pickling goes. I also want to pickle the white radishes I'm growing too

    miss c- a spoon does make it more classy :)

    tamar- thanks so much! its getting so close...aaahhh

  5. What a great way to discover that your family reads your blog! Sounds like you had a very busy and productive birthday.

    I can't wait to see your finished OOT bags.

  6. That sounds like an EXCELLENT weekend! Hope you had a happy birthday and you better not let the caramel go to waste...directly into your mouth it goes...
    So sweet that your fam reads your blog!! I signed my mom up and she unsubscribed :( [sad day]

    Don't worry about the garlands, you are movin along!

  7. thanks girls!

    sarah- hopefully they will be done this week!

    lizzie- aw! that wasn't very nice of your mom. I would share my caramel if you were closer (I can't imagine it travels well!)

  8. happy birthday, lady! and congrats on being about 352x more productive than i was this weekend.

  9. Sounds like a fab weekend. Happy belated birthday!