Saturday, July 24, 2010

this could be our little secret....

Anyone else know this song? It is stuck in my head like crazy! Also, I have been replacing 'higher' with 'ryan' and serenading him. It is definitely on our wedding playlist.


Today we went to an awesome rehearsal cookout for our officiant. I am really excited for their wedding tomorrow. It is at an orchard/vineyard with 50 guests (I feel so honored to be part of the 50!). Anyways, anyone still looking for rehearsal dinner ideas, I highly recommend a cookout and/or place with a pool (I suppose this goes mostly for hot weather weddings unless you want to do a polar bear plunge theme). It was cool and delicious and relaxed (her sister made gazpacho shooters! I would have eaten them all but didn't want to be piggish. like I always say, I would weigh 5 lbs if I always had to eat in front of people I am meeting for the first time/ really skinny people). I am also excited about the gift we got them but I think she reads my blog so I will not post about it until after tomorrow. Speaking of gifts we need to discuss how amazing the handmade gifts are that she got. In addition to a wonderful hand-stitched phoenix (arizona reference, they lived there) and a wonderful painting, her stepdad made this:

Can you even deal with how amazing this is?!? 'Cause I can't. He handcarved all the chess pieces and made the board and everything! The pieces are all musical instruments because the bride and groom met at a band camp when they were younger. I almost wept when I saw this.

Seeing as this post is already all other the place, let me briefly go off an a tangent then we can circle back to gifts. Is this alright with everyone? Good! So I've been thinking about karma and how awesome life can be when you have amazing people all around you. I'm not just talking friends and family (they are amazing but this is understood). I'm talking the guy who pumps my gas, the people behind me in line, the people who let me go in traffic, amazing bloggers who I adore reading and who are going to be sending me prizes! And little things like snuggling with cats and awkwardly hilarious sunburns and playing songs on repeat (I guess this has to do with the top part of this post, it all circles back!). Whenever I get ridiculously stressed out about the wedding, I really just need to stop and think about how great things really are, remember these sweet little moments and think about how INCREDIBLY lucky I am that I get to marry, live with and have babies with the best guy around.

Alright, last topic: gifts. I need/want to get gifts for everyone helping me out. I am thinking small tokens of appreciation (already done with bridesmaids, my dad and know what I'm getting my mom). Suggestions? I have a few ideas but always like your input!

Tomorrow: wedding 2! Then wedding 3 next weekend, then (gulp) our wedding is wedding 4 in just a couple weeks! weeeee!

have a good weekend everyone! thanks for listening to me ramble!


  1. that is the coolest chess set EVER! I am so jealous!

  2. wow! he handcarved it? that's amazing. :)

  3. we got booze for men, clutch bags for super-involved ladies, and then chocolates for any random person that chipped in. (we got extra of these, because some people are awesome in the last second.)

  4. 1. i am obsessed with this song!

    2. that chess set is amazing.

    3. kiwi got his brother cufflinks made from new zealand coins (that's where they grew up) and i got my little sister a turquoise necklace and earrings because we grew up in new mexico!

  5. Song: yes! passion pit is awesome! I haven't heard that song but had a long period where I was totally addicted to Sleepyhead! If you haven't heard it, be warned...also super contagious and will be in your head!

    Gifts: I don't think it matters as long as its NOT body lotion. Seriously...its a nice thought and everyone uses lotion but I have some from years ago that I haven't gotten to!
    Anyway... I think booze is always a winner and there are plenty of good bottles of wine for under 10 bucks! Do you have a Lush store near you? This would be my one exception to bath stuff just because I think they are fun. Or a little gift card to a local cafe? or Carribou Coffee cuz they are everywhere and most people like coffee (except me but I still like some of their stuff)
    Good luck!

  6. We are kindreds!!!!!!!!!! LOVE Passion Pit and LOVE this song! Haha! You can totally sing "Ryan" to "Higher"! Hilarious!

    We can't do traditional gifts for everyone at our rehearsal so we're doing gift bags. We're filling them with Baltimore tchotchkes and famous berger cookies. Our budget doesn't have room for any large gifts, but we plan to write really nice cards and personalize the gift bags as much as possible.

    3 more weeks!

  7. Wow that chess set is insanely cool. What a great gift!

  8. Lisa & Lane- I know! And the guy that made it is the nicest guy!

    Liz- thank you for the ideas! Chocolates sound very good to me (booze might not work since we don't have people who like to drink helping out). maybe i'll just buy myself some booze to thank myself

    jen- hooray for passion pit! I laughed so hard at the lotion comment. it is so true! coffee cards are definitely good ideas too

    angie- eek! 3 weeks! how did this happen?!?! our budget doesn't have room either. After these comments I'm thinking, something edible & something sentimental :)

    ms. wc- woo hoo! ya!

    mrs. t- i know! I was so impressed by it!

  9. iheartkiwi- somehow i missed you! sorry! good suggestions. love cufflinks :) hooray for chess and little secrets!!!

    melissa- yes yes yes!

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