Saturday, July 17, 2010

summary of a weekend (so far)

*woke up late
*did not even bother to shower until almost noon (I know I am such a rebel!!! without a cause too!)
*watered the plants/picked some veggies (I am so psyched about my vegetable garden! I know this is not wedding related AT ALL but I have been picked (and eaten): radishes, eggplants, tomatoes and cukes so far! I also have tons of herbs growing, some strawberries, beets and various bush beans. I also have a kiwi and lemon tree (the kiwi apparently is some kind which actually grows in the northeast? I'm dubious but only spent $3 on it) I even have the cukes sitting in pickle brine as we speak. The tomatoes I am gobbling up like a good Italian girl. Also, anyone have any good eggplant recipes? Mine are growing like crazy and I have 1 good curry recipe that is wearing out its welcome at this point.)
* added matchbooks to favors. Realized I am about 10 short. Have to go back to dollar store. (No biggie, I also have to make some belts to go with some dresses I plant to wear to upcoming weddings. They are a bit too billowy for me and I found a great tutorial on making an easy classy belt)
* finished paper pinwheel garlands
* made paper cones for flags and made a garland out of the cones! I think this will be fun outside where we are doing the ceremony. It will be part of the ceremony and decor at the same time. Hooray!
*got a couple more rsvps for yes (actually had a couple reversals from no to yes to...anyone have these?!)
* one of the funnest parts of the weekend so far? Eating sundaes with Ry and working on our playlist. Then singing really loud in the car (They Might Be Giants' cds are excellent driving music). Then singing and rocking out some more this morning. This is going to be fun.

* grilling some lunch (by which I mean having lunch grilled for me)
*found old fun suitcase upstairs to bring to have people put cards/gifts in (we said 'no gifts' but if I know our families.....)
* talked to high school friend about name change process (a MUCH better resource than a website. also less scary)
* started lists like: what to bring on day off (I'm thinking typing and printing this will prevent forgetfulness), what to pack, what decorations are needed, where they go, etc.
* updated wedding website with wedding weekend events, pictures
* ate a whole bag of green grapes and watched a marathon of 'Dateline: Real Life Mysteries'

still to do:

*finish cake "topper" (oh yeah. remember that thing? well now I know what Ryan is wearing so I can finish that)
* string fabric flower garland
* buy more matchbooks
* stop eating so many grapes

hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend! (and managing to stay cool!)


  1. Grapes are good for pooping! :)

    Looks like you are on top of things!

  2. Grapes make me gassy. In case you wanted to know.

    You sound like you're busy but having a blast.

  3. ha ha so much bathroom talk

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