Sunday, August 1, 2010

Once Wed, eat your heart out

The wedding we went to yesterday was so incredibly fun and happy and emotional and the decor was to die for. Ryan officiated and read a poem he wrote and I was crying (of course) but instead of just tears running down my cheeks kind of crying, this was chest heaving loudly sobbing kind of crying. He is a VERY good writer. It was such a happy day and the weather was perfect (awkward sunburn just like predicted!). The bride was gorgeous and I am so so happy for her and her new husband (side note: they are our wedding photographers)! They are such amazing people. I wish I had taken any pictures of the ceremony (too busy crying ha ha). We sat on hay bales (they have relatives that own a farm). Comfier than anticipated! So anyways here are some pictures:

(me and Ry wearing hats from the photobooth)
(this amazing wedding was all made possible with family, friends and the bride and groom's hard work (and tons of love). She is the one in the straw hat, just in case you couldn't tell by the white dress. They also had a LL Cool J cut out with the face out so you could pose as him. And lots of crazy sweaters and hats. Also at one point her grandma was in the sailor suit posing. How insanely great is that?!?! This was Ry's crowd and I really really like all of them)

(view inside the tent. Did I mention this is her parent's backyard? It was amazing! For food we had picnic baskets with food from whole foods like pasta salad and baguettes and brie. Also, super amazing cupcakes. They did all the linens themselves too.)
(one of the favors, beautiful potted flowers with an adorable little sign)
(sparklers and personalized matchbooks)
(lots of little bottles with pretty flowers)
(another favor. They were filled with a kazoo, fake mustache, a small rubber ball and poems)
(close up of the centerpieces)

(bathtub of delicious sodas and beer. one of the best things i found out is most of the bottles, dress up for the photobooth and all the quirky cool things there were the brides already. she loves collecting things. i though that made everything even that much better!)

(view of the backyard outside the tent. lots of lanterns and paper pom poms)

It was so fun. I loved it. I am so psyched to get married in 14 freakin days!

Yes yes yes!!!


  1. Looks like a crazy fun wedding! 14 days! Yowsa.

  2. Wow! It looks like one of those fake wedding photo shoots!

  3. Looks like awesome fun!

    I tend to cry through weddings rather than taking pictures, too. I can't imagine how much I'd cry if Paddy was officiating!

  4. love the bathtub of beer.

    i think this should be a mainstay in every household.

  5. sarah - it was crazy fun! i hope ine can even be half as fun. who am i kidding? I want mien to be twice as fun!!!

    genevieve- It kinda felt like it. There were even couches and nightstands outside

    miss c- i was a sobbing mess!

    elizabeth- ha ha i know... i need to get on making that!

  6. AH! I used that "All You Need is Love" stamp at my wedding too! It was in the $1 bin at Michael's! Best stamp ever.