Monday, August 23, 2010

recap 2: morning of!

So my first memory of the morning of is waking up and smiling, pretty well rested for falling asleep so late the night before (keep in mind, I'm an old person who likes going to bed at 8pm). Then hearing an excited squeal, I went into the bathroom and at quarter of 7 in the morning, my sister was in there doing her hair. I hope my sister doesn't mind me revealing this here but her side bun was fake hair. She had me hysterically laughing telling me the story of buying the hair. She went to Sally Beauty Supply and the girl ringing her up said ''hey girl! be careful. I was at the club the other night, ya know drinking and dancing? and my friend was all 'girl your hair is on the floor!' and my hair was on the floor!' My sister then asked her how many bobby pins she had used and she said 'one'. Classic. I love it so much.
So after a very relaxed morning of coffee and bagels with the girls (advice: eat the morning of! you will need something in your system when you get your drink on later or just good for calming nerves), we caravaned over to the camp and I got a chance to give hugs and thanks to all my helpers (can I discuss how much I love the family I married into? tons and tons of love!!!). These are some of the things they were doing:

(table breakdown: flowers in center with table numbers and disposable cameras, postcards and bibs at people's seats; if you do disposable cameras: I recommend not spending too much on them since not everyone will use them and when you go to develop them you may have a lot of black blank film from people not using the flash. More people than I would have thought actually wore the bibs so that was really fun. I also highly recommend the postcard idea to everyone! They were so fun to read together! Almost everyone did them, some people wrote stories, some people wrote about the wedding, really really fun)

(As I mentioned before, my aunt did the flowers. I really liked them! Lots of color, nothing too crazy. Also, most people kept their hooray flags since Ry's cousins handed them out as people sat down. My little cousin ripped the flag off and made some kind of sword I think, so theres that too!)

(Sorry realize you guys have seen these a zillion times, but table number close up)

(Ah! To finally see all the garland in action! It was all over the outside of the place. We really lucked out with amazing weather and got to decorate and have our ceremony outside. And on another cool note, the camp liked my decorations so much they too pictures to put in their catalog! also, the bartenders said they go to hundreds of weddings a year and mine was their favorite ever! and they said it a bunch of times!! what what)

(Close up of pinwheels on windows. They were hung across the full windows and on the stage too)

(cupcake tower, little cupcake "topper" I made)

(The wreaths in the entranceway. So psyched the R didn't fall off, it is hotglued on there like craaaaazy)

(favor close up; good feedback on the favors! people love giganto marshmallows)

While all that was going on, here we were:

(my sister doing my hair; one thing I really loved is getting ready in that room with the windows; people who walked by like various cousins and family could peek in and say hi to me. Lots of people came in to visit me and I liked that so much more than being alone. Our officiant, Ryan's best lady, Ryan's mom and aunt, my mom and our awesome photographer. I loved being able to see them and spend time with them before. Also, a drunk fisherman stuck his face in through the window to congratulate me)

(More makeup than I've worn in quite some time. Felt very glam. My sister did an amazing job on my hair and makeup. She is the best!!! The necklace is something I bought my mom when I went to Italy in college)

(Me and my awesome awesome ladies! How fabulous are they? They looked amazing. after taking this photo, I proceeded to hyperventilate and pace the room, repeatedly almost tripping on my dress. No idea why I was so nervous, I think just taking in the day. Whenever I smile in pictures, I always feel like it looks like I just ate something delicious, like I'm thinking 'yummmm'. Liz looks happy and calm. So does Laura, but I know she is secretly nervous that what the Sally Beauty salesgirl prophesied would come true. One of the 3 times I cried that day was when my dad came in. Stay tuned for great pics of my dad looking freaked when he is about to walk me down the aisle!)

next: ceremony & happenings!


  1. Loving you recaps!!! The garland looks amazing! I hafta think of what to wrap with. Where people able to see?? I love your bouquet too! Such a creative wedding, I can't wait to see the action pics!

  2. all of your details look absolutely amazing. i love the postcard idea too - how fabulous! and i want your cupcakes in my belly right now.

  3. Okay, first of all, you are gorgeous. Second, that bouquet is stunning. Third, I cannot get over how awesome all your details turned out. The garland and pinwheels are a new favorite of mine and I'm ticked I didn't have such an awesome example of what could be done with them before our wedding because I would have made some if I'd seen these photos 3 months ago. Finally, that has got to be the most adorable cake topper ever. Well done, girl!

  4. awesome all around!
    And what a compliment from the bartenders! They know their stuff, too, so if they say it was bomb - it was bomb!
    Love the bouquets, the hooray flags!, obviously garland is awesome, and you are beautiful! So fun to see!

  5. awww yay! the morning of!!!!! what an exciting time!

    you look fabulous and so do your awesome ladies!

    that story from the sally's girl kills me.

  6. thanks everyone!

    tina- people seemed fine with standing on the porch, especially since the ceremony was short

    tamar- wish you live closer! we have so many in the fridge!

    miss fp- thank you so so much!

    jen- thanks! i was psyched when they said that

    angie- yous should see the dance she does when she tells it :)

  7. I love the makeup on you and your ladies. Nicely done by your sister!

  8. Loving all of those details - especially the little cats on your cake topper.

    Your sis did an AMAZING job on your hair and makeup - looks so professional. You look like a super star.

  9. KWu- she is truly the best sister! thank you!

    mrs. t- i wanted the cats to be there too and this was the best way :)