Sunday, August 29, 2010

recap 4: first dancin'!

So after some posing on the porch (formal portraits, serious face ache from smiling), we went inside the lodge to where the action was. We were announced by Ryan's cousins and our bridal/groom parties joined us too. Then we danced a little to the song we came in to (Party Hard by Andrew WK). We forgot how long the song was (Anyone else notice how looooong things seem when you are standing in front of everyone? Attempting to dance? By attempting I mean some hyrbid version of "the mashed potato" and "the lawnmover"? Or my patented jazz hands and bob your head move?) Anywaaays, my advice? Play a snippet of your chosen song then move right into something else. In our case, we moved right into our 1st dance (Book of Love; Peter Gabriel verison nice hybrid of Ry's PG love and my love of Magnetic Fields and just about anything Stephen Merritt does). I loved it. Every awkward second of it. I know a lot of people do things like take dance lessons prior to the day but I kinda loved how fresh and unrehearsed ours was. Also I spent the entire time spinning Ryan and scoping out cute babies to hold and hug after the dance.

( top to bottom: one of my favs even though its blurry, we look happy and everything felt like a blur so it sums up the day nicely; not sure whats happening here but i like it; so art school but again i love the idea of everything whirring around me and i look so calm and introspective, i'm probably just thinking of holding babies and being so in love with Ry; i really wish i knew what he is saying to me here, love this picture too; baby success! hoo-rah!)


  1. Um, I LOVE your hair.

    Hehehe you are so cute!

  2. I totally agree that sometimes blurry photos feel like they capture the memories the best!

  3. Oh dancing and babies - best post ever!

  4. The first dance was so awkward. All those people looking at us for what felt like FOREVER. Wish I'd thought to grab a nearby baby.

  5. aaaah, your recaps started while i was away! i have so much catching up to do. you look gorgeous!

  6. NA AH! Andrew WK!!! Haha! You two are radical.

    And yes, we thought people would join us in our first dance about halfway into the song... but nope. Just us. Dancing. Feeling so in love, but also silly at the same time. We didn't a little two-step shuffle to speed things up. Haha!

  7. How cute!! Love the baby shot! My fiance and I were practicing our dance last night...hope i don't get to nervous! If I do, maybe I should just grab a baby! hehe jk

    PS. What's hanging under the bar?

  8. miss c- thanks!!!

    hitchdied- yes the blurry ones are my favorites for sure!

    mrs t- such a good combo!

    spare thoughts- babies are great to distract from awkward dancing. if only i held one at every other event i danced at!

    elizabeth- thank you! how was your time away? how you feeling?

    angie- thank you! radical is such a great compliment! love it

    buhdoop- isn't he?! its my cousin's baby. he has the best hair for a 3 month old!

    tina- yes definitely hold a baby! those are the garlands I made at the bar!