Saturday, August 7, 2010

something fun!

(image from here)

In the midst of finishing last minute to-dos for my wedding next weekend (!!!!), I thought I would stop by, say hi and share some of the foodie ideas I've been collecting for friday's bachlorette:

summer fruit sangria or rose sangria with pineapple and guava
lime rickeys
pineapple mojitos

apps/little bites:
chile-corn custard squares
stuffed jalapenos
crab empanadas
minted watermelon salad
red rice
shredded cabbage and radish salad
mexican tortas

tres leches cake or these cookies made into ice cream sandwiches

for favors/ thanks for coming parting gifts:
these cupcakes in mason jars with lime curd and whipped cream

Your thoughts? It's going to be a smallish crowd so I'm not going to be making everything I posted.

Also, how are you doing? Sorry I haven't been around. like I mentioned above, I gotsa get stuff done for next weekend!


  1. I like the sound of the rose sangria, minted watermelon salad, crab empanadas, and tres leches cake.

    Question, though. When did planning and executing the bachelorette party become our job, too? I always thought friends threw this party. I'm so confused, which sort of answers your last question, too. Ha!

  2. ladyyy we are getting so so close!
    i'm sure your so excited <3

  3. sarah- ha ha not sure. thanks for the help! I will let you know how it turns out!

    l&l- so close! i am so excited to see pics of your wedding! sorry if that makes me a creep!