Friday, August 27, 2010

a slight hiccup & a happy friday

I realize this post should be another recap but this week has been nutso. I am slowly writing that post but in the meantime, thought I'd check in and say hi. To tide you over, here's a picture of me playing the crap out of an inflatable saxophone:

(Left to Right: tutu'd Liz, jazzlady Lisa, stocking cap'd Jill)

Congrats & good luck to the weekend brides! Especially Jen! Have an awesome day tomorrow!!!


  1. Haha thanks for that! Silly silly. Where did you set up your photobooth? I'm debating whether or not I'll have one. Looking forward to the next recap. Can't wait to see what you did with the garlands on the stage!

    I notice you posted this at 3AM!!!! Hope you sleep better tonight!

  2. Your photobooth looks like it was great fun!

  3. haha amazing! love the photobooth backdrop!

    the fabrics, prints and colors you chose were mad awesome!

    take your time and get things squared away... but i'm ready for these recaps girl!

  4. off to catch up on some of your recaps! can't wait to hear more :)

    happy weekend!

  5. Fun photobooth! Take your time on recaps, they can be so stressful! I can't wait to see and hear more of your beautiful day!

  6. tina- we set it up in the little enclosed room on the porch which was perfect!

    sarah- it was! i want one at all events!

    iheartkiwi- thanks for reading! i was just on your blog catching up too!

    lizzie- ha ha it is funny how they can be stressful too!

    mrs. t- love it! best comment :)