Wednesday, August 4, 2010

something tells me...

(image from here)

....that last night will not be the only sleepless night i'll be having lately

but in good news:
*paid cupcake people
*have many helpers for day of
*lots of good songs on the radio
*surprise party at work
*amazing friends lending me amazing props for photo booth
*yayayayayay good job, California!!!!!!!!!!!

bad news:
*still more stuff to do
*missing my bloggy friends!

just wanted to say hi! hope everything is good with you! 11 days to go!


  1. I absolutely love that picture! Yay for the home stretch!

  2. Enjoy the last 10 days. It goes by so fast!

  3. I wish I had a copy of this picture in my wallet the week I was getting married. If I could added little hearts circling around the head, and a thought bubble obsessing about the weather, it would have been me incarnate. Almost there, Lisa D! Counting down with you!

  4. oh domokun, get some rest.

    next week lisa! next week!

    miss you too! recaps and emails and giggling and love and honeymoon and wifeness and husbandness and love is soon to come for us!

  5. I'm so excited for you! Have fun and then come back to your bloggy friends!

  6. lisa- yes! home stretch! about freaking time ha ha

    kc- thanks! everyone keeps saying that! I will be sure to sit down and enjoy it at atleast one point

    jess- you are so sweet to be leaving me comments! thanks, dear. miss you already!

    spare thoughts- thank you! i am so excited for you too!!

    angie- love me some domo. wifness and husbandness makes me smile so wide!

    sarah- i miss you! I adore reading your posts. I;m been reading, just slacking on commenting/writing

    anna- ha ha thank you! I am lovin your blog posts lately. sorry I've been a bad commenter!