Tuesday, August 10, 2010

thank you to the max

(I have such a girly crush on this wonderful artist...I want to buy everything from her shop! Also, check out her daily diaries! One of these days I am going to do this for me too)

With only a handful of days left (and lots of days without blogposts...sorry! also, probably going to be several days without them coming up too!), I'm just going to ramble for a bit. You miss my rambling don't you?

1. Food. I know, don't I talk about this enough? No clearly, I have so much more to say about food. You would think with single digits left until I am going to get married, I would be cooling it on the bad food. You know I kinda was for a while but not in a healthy way. I was so stressed I wasn't eating (that my friends NEVER happens). Then I did things like eat this (its as good as it looks). This girl has inspired to try to be better, especially for the little ones I hope to have very soon. Lets say I start this after the wedding. Until then, I am going to try to be more zen, less piggy-ish but not try to fret too much. Did I mention I broke into the pinata candy? Yikes.

2. I think every big life changing experience makes you see others in different lights. I could go on for a while about this but I think I'll let it be at that. well, actually one more thing, this whole craziness, this year of planning for 1 day (not even 1 day! 5 hours of 1 day!) has made me love Ryan even more. The fact that he sticks with me during my craziness, my ridiculous worries, even after watching me eat embarassing things and/or crying during MTV shows and sappy ads. Did I mention he is playing me down the aisle with a song he wrote for me? Did I mention how the vows he wrote for us made me cry? I love him like crazy. He is going to read this and shake his head at me but I don't care! I love that dude of mine.

3. I have zero desire to do anything in the days leading up to my wedding weekend. is that bad? I am currently eating popsicles and watching 'I Shouldn't Be Alive'. I guess I did clean up and do the trash so that counts as something? +2 points for me!

3. I can't thank you guys enough! Yes you. The bloggy world. I know I could have made it to this point on my own but it would have been a whole lot less fun awesome. I love that I got to "meet" you and hope we can stay in touch long past the weddings (you are all going to keep blogging, right???). I was fully intending to write individual shout outs to everyone I read but then I realized how many blogs I read! ha ha. So heres the shorter verison:

thanks to all of you for your inspiring posts. thanks for making me laugh when i was in a pissy mood. thanks for being so open and honest and making me feel less alone. thanks for writing things in better words than i could ever write. thanks for expressing things i have trouble expressing. thanks for the shout outs and sweet comments. thanks for letting me steal your DIY ideas. thanks for letting me see your pictures! thanks for actually reading my blog. I love you all!*

*anyone who stumbled upon this post. please check out all the hyperlinks. you will find some
amazing ladies and gents! also, if i missed anyone, sorry! its the result of me getting sleepy or sloppy or both. also, does this make up for me slacking on commenting on your posts? sorry about it.

also: Extra special shout out to Angie! You are the best! Your wedding is going to be AMAZING! Thank you so much for everything. Your comments and emails made my day on more than you know. Come to Boston and visit sometime!

Be sure to raise your glasses to Angie, Rachel (L&L- I am geeking out thinking about your wedding! I am drooling over the DIY incredibleness of it!!!) and Tamar (thanks for leaving me so many sweet comments that made my day!) this weekend! This Saturday is going to be one hella awesome crazy wedding day!!!! Hip hip hooray!


  1. Ah! So many amazing women getting married in the next few weeks, I can't handle it!
    And I'm so glad you're back to rambling. I was having some serious ramble withdrawal pains. And I'm uber glad that you're even more in love with your man as the big day approaches rather than wanting to murder him; that's always a good sign.
    Thanks for the beautiful shout out, I'm ridiculously flattered and I wish you all the wedded happiness in the world. You're going to rock it, girl.

  2. Love the ramblings and thanks for the shout out :)

    I say, do NOTHING until the wedding. Just stick with the popsicles. It sounds perfect to me. Ooooh and I almost cried at your Ryan paragraph. I guess that makes me soppy too...

    You guys are going to have the most beautiful, fun, awesome time! Wedding wishes to you and Ryan!

  3. Have fun this weekend. It sounds like you've found an amazing man to spend the rest of your life with.

    I'm not a blogger but I like reading your ramblings. Hope to see you on the other side to hear how it is!

  4. Oh, you linked to me. I adore you!

    SO excited for your wedding. I just know it's going to be amazing. Wish I was there to eat pinata candy with you. Enjoy every minute x

  5. your rambling posts are some of my FAVORITES
    sweet lady IIII cannot wait to see YOURRR wedding
    its so you and its amazing
    you are such a gem, I can't believe you linked me! thank you!
    I feel honored, seriously.

    don't stop blogging after this wedding, i want to hear much more from you! ;-)

    happy wedding week(end)!!!

  6. miss fp- ha ha yes! it is good I don't want to murder him. thanks for all your kind words! also, keep posting recaps!!! I love reading them

    miss c- thank you! now I will do nothing and say 'hey! miss c said I could!' ha ha :)

    elaine- thank you so much for reading! I promise to keep you posted!

    mrs.t- thank you! yes, I also wish I had someone to share that pinata candy with (even though I should be eating it!!!)

    L&L- yay! thank you so much for this! we will have to touch base after super wedding weekend :)

  7. Hey. I did indeed just stumble across your blog so I'll be checking out all the links as instructed ;)

    Hope you have a lovely wedding - I'm sure you will :)

  8. Good to hear from you! I've been thinking about all you ladies this weekend and hoping you are getting to a good place and reaching zen! You will all be in our thoughts this weekend!

  9. Yay! So close! Soak it all up and enjoy yourself. It really is a crazy ride. See you on the other side!

  10. Thank you sweetpea. Please have the most fabulous time! So excited for you!