Wednesday, September 1, 2010

we interupt these recaps (again)

Sorry everyone! I need to get back into the swing of writing recaps before I write something worth reading. Here is what is going on right now (that is actually wedding related):
1- changing my name
2- contemplating what to make for thank you cards
As far as the name change goes, it is pretty ridiculous. I took an early lunch to go to Social Security but haven't had a chance to go to the RMV since I've stayed late everyday (even just a few minutes means I won't make it in time). I told people at my work about the change and some people were faster than others about changing it and I got locked out of all my computer programs. Regardless, I am psyched about the new name. As far as the thank you's go, I am at a loss. I want to make some pretty cool ones to be on par with the invites. I'll keep you posted.
So I hope to get back to actual recaps soon, but work is kicking my butt (I think I mentioned before I work at a college and the kids are back so its a little nutso). Lastly, I just want to wish one of my favorite people in the world (my sister) luck on moving into her 1st apartment! LAD, wish I could come, good luck with the start of school (and the start of pumpkin lattes) and I love you to pieces!!! Call me :)

(me and my sis)


  1. awww hooray for sister!!!!

    and take your time. i remember it being crazy for at least the first couple of months when I was working it out in Res Life. And good luck! Don't let the helicopter parents get ya down! Haha!

  2. l&l- thank you!

    angie- its nuts. a woman called today because her daughter is upset her roommate smells

  3. Ah the joy of name change and thank you cards.

    Eight months later and I still have bills coming in my old name and my passport still needs to be changed. Too much paperwork!

  4. mrs t- it is such a ridiculous process but I am chipping away at it!