Saturday, September 4, 2010

let's get this sh*t done!

Alright people. I've put off recapping long enough so here goes:
Basic summary: food, dancing, chatting, hugging, laughing, drinking, more dancing, more hugging.
Longer summary: After our first dance, we did mingling, first seperately then together. I basically just had a couple jokes and kept using them over and over. Observe:
(why am I so weird? what story am I telling to our officiant's husband?? why does my hand look like a claw??)

Me: 'Hi everyone! Having a good time? Enjoying the food?'
Everyone: 'Yes!'
Me: "I feel like a politician here, running around kissing babies and shaking hands. When I leave people are going to look at each other and ask 'Wait...what are we voting for??' Ha ha ha.

And repeat.

So after we made the rounds, we sat down at our table and our brides/groomspeople gave speeches. They were incredibly touching and definetly one of the highlights of the day. Also, me and my girls wept like babies but I loved everyone second of it. Also, I swiped my sister's notecards after the wedding and put them in my photo album. Then my sis called up my dad to dance with me. I loved that he had listened to the song and knew the words to sing along. We did some kind of weird fast shuffle dance since the music was a little faster than most slow dance songs (Tenderness on the Block by Warren Zevon)
(I love the face my dad is making here)

Ryan and his mom danced to a great Talking Heads song (or maybe David Byrnes solo? I think maybe it was a David Byrnes solo song). Then Ryan made a great speech thanking everyone (his stepmom for making breakfast that day, his cousins for running the show etc etc). He also told people to eat cupcakes and use the photobooth (we didn't do a cake feeding thing; the photobooth shoutout also made a ton of people go use it too which was great). Then we danced. I spent most of the time dancing with my friend's 2 year old who loves Lady Ga Ga. Then it ended. It ended so much sooner than I thought it would. I was sad I missed saying goodbye to some people but glad I got to give some extra hugs to others. We stayed late with our photographers to take photos by the lake. Then we went home and ate late night BBQ and read our cards together. We read our postcards the morning before our honeymoon and that was a great way to start our day. Some were sweet, some were sassy and almost everyone wrote one (some wrote 2 or 3).
(Me carrying our loot; I just liked the look of the suitcase for cards, it ended up being a great idea for transporting them away too)
Next recap: honeymoon aka the first time I milked a cow! stay tuned (hopefully it won't take me weeks to post!)


  1. Loving the suitcase shot. And hahahaha about the politician line!

  2. The suitcase is fantastic. Makes me wish I had picked up the vintage stewardess round case I saw a few weeks ago. Alas, we'll be using a shoe box decoupaged with a vintage city street map.

  3. Politician line. Cracking. Me. Up.
    LOVE that suitcase shot, and your suitcase, in general, is fantastic. Very cool.

  4. You are so funny, that first image and description has me smiling. That suitcase is so big! How can you carry it :)

  5. oooh.... i like that politician analogy. nicely done. our "script" went a little less awesome.

    and i love the suitcase idea! that's definitely a first i've seen it done. 5 points! haha!

  6. miss c- thanks! we found it in our attic.

    sarah- i love that you are decoupaging! I demand pictures!

    lizzie- thanks! the line seemed to work!

    jmay- thanks!

    buhdoop- it only had cards in it, so not too heavy

    angie- i love that i am getting points! hurrrah!