Wednesday, September 1, 2010

more procrastination! woot!

So ya still feeling like I need something more substantial to post anymore recaps. All I have saved to my drafts is half a post about dancing and eating cornbread leftovers. Not even a little bit exciting/good/worth reading. In small updates: I am loving calling Ryan my husband. I love calling him my 'house husband' when he does amazing things like water my garden and organize our home. I am still locked out of those computer programs. I am in serious baby mode (will you guys still read me when I post baby crazy things???). Was planning on weaning myself off caffiene but instead had a large skinny vanilla latte and 3 diet cokes today (oh and coffee gelato). Still catching myself looking down at my ring finger and smiling. Still have a giant green hat in my craft room (Jill, let's get together soon?). Still facebook stalking people who went to our wedding to see if they post any new pictures that they just didn't tag us in. Needless to say, I am a tired sloppy mess right now. So in an attempt to post something wedding related here is a series of photos of me making weird faces:

(what am I thinking/ doing in these pictures??? now that would be fun to go back and put thought bubbles in like in the bottom one I'm thinking 'oh god i left the iron plugged in' etc etc etc)

***also, just getting around to responding to comments/ commenting on your blogs, sorry for the delay!


  1. Can't wait to read baby crazy things - bring it on!

  2. mrs t & miss c- good! cause i'll be talking alot soon! i've been doing lots of research/ drs apt scheduling!

  3. Best recap ever! My crazy faces get caught on camera all the time. I might steal this idea.

  4. LOVING this recap. You are an awesome lady. Definitely do the crazy speech bubbles...and you and Ryan are adorable! I imagine the word husband will be the sweetest word the first time I get to say it, "My husband..." yadda yadda. Hopefully I don't annoy everyone "My husband this...My HUSBAND that..."

  5. Love this series of photos! I did the Facebook stalking thing for at least a month. Probably the only time in my life when I was excited to see photos of myself.

  6. I think this is my favorite wedding recap ever.

  7. hahahaha love the shots!! you are too funny

  8. liz- you better! i love you too

    hitchdied- ha ha thank you! my husband's step mom took them all

    lizzie- thank you! p.s. not annoying! well atleast i don't think it is :)

    kc- ha ha me too! usually i'm like 'oh no! i've been tagged in a photo!'

    elizabeth- me too! if all goes according to our plans, we will have a baby sooner than later and not drinking coffee will be worth it :)

    sarah & tina- thanks ladies!