Friday, September 17, 2010

happy friday!

hello friends! I am going to need your assistance soon in:

1- deciding on a haircut (yes i want to do the post wedding chop, my hair is too long for someone as lazy as me! i'm thinking shoulder length)
2- thank you cards input (I want to do something fun like our invites and save the dates but I am also at the point where I need to get them done and send them out)

Thanks in advance & have a great weekend! what are you up to??

(congrats & good luck to the weekend brides!!!)
((also, please check out my new blog:


  1. You need to get the thank you cards done - because really the enthusiasm and inspiration just gets less and less.
    Sorry no help with the hair cut ideas.

  2. oooh thank you cards! exciting! they'll be kick-ass, i'm sure.
    haircut!! i looooove haircuts. i'll tell you that i'm growing out my hair now - mainly because i'm trying to convince myself i'm doing it on purpose and not because i can't do the whole regular-hair-cut-thing anymore. but i never felt as badass in my whole life when i had SHORT hair. check out some cute chin-length bobs or rockstar short dos.

    you could definitely rock the short-do.

  3. spare thoughts- agreed!

    lizzie- thank you! I always wanted the super short cut...we'll see what I feel like asking for in the hairdresser's chair!

    Jill- yes! its that guy who made me pizza last week :)

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