Tuesday, September 28, 2010

i like the way you work it*

(me blowing bubbles at a recent wedding)

hey kids, its been real. i'm going to be posting almost exclusively over on the new blog now. i realize i still owe you a honeymoon post and i will let you know when the professional photos come in. otherwise, i promise to keep reading your blogs.

see you around!

*they played 'no diggity' at the above mentioned wedding. sad you all missed my 'bag it up' dance moves


  1. No Diggity will def be our playlist!

    Love the bubble picture. The intense concentration!

  2. pretty lady! see ya on the other side...or other blog.

  3. anna- ha ha it was intense!

    lizzie- thanks girlie! see you there!

  4. I love bubbles. They are so much fun and remind one of younger times. I will see you over at your other blog.

  5. I'm waiting for my wedding photographs to come from my photographer soon! It's been a month. and everyone's anxious. I'm owing everyone pictures!

  6. She looks so happy! love her energy.