Thursday, September 9, 2010


Sorry I have been mia! I've been really busy with life in general. I've been preoccupied with the following things:

1. thoughts of babies
(you can order a custom portrait from this etsy shop)
2. (hopefully) buying our home
(print from here)
3. withdrawal of caffiene
(print from here)
4. more baby thoughts
(from this shop again!)
5. this guy

(my husband, of course)

promise to be back for real soon! also, promise to be back commenting soon too!


  1. OMG. saw that first animated pic and thought you were making some sort of announcement! it look just like Ry! haha!

    sounds like you're onto some pretty awesome things - buying a house!!!!!!!! WHAT!!!! you didn't tell me that?!

    hope the caffeine-free lifestyle is treating you right. i had 4 cups of black tea today. i am a nutcase.

  2. (Um, can I say how much I hate the blogger comment system that keeps eating my comments? Bad blogger. Bad.)

    Glad to have you back. I love the baby burrito picture.

  3. angie- ooh ! i wish! but not yet he he. we are trying to buy the house we are renting now.i will keep you posted! usually, i am a several coffee, several diet coke kind of a girl so this is certainly new for me

    sarah- baby burrito! that just made my night

  4. Ohhhh I can not give up Diet Coke. I tried a couple of times and the headaches crippled me for days!

    Yay babies (for others, not me)!!

  5. would it be rude for me to mention how funny you are for being all HOUSES! BABIES! after getting married?

    cause i'd only be saying it because it reminds me of me.

  6. Agreed with Angie - I was all "WHAT?! Baby!?" You're mind deserves a break from "" :)

  7. Sounds just like my life right now x

  8. miss c- the headaches were bad but went away! also i'm saving money not spending it on coffee

    lizzie- ha! I wish. I would be all like 'we work fast'

    mrs. t- we may be twins :)