Sunday, August 16, 2009

You Got to Rock Yourself a Little Harder

So I have to say I have had a pretty productive weekend! Lots of car rides with the beau listening to Josh Ritter's The Animal Years. Yesterday morning I went to TJ Maxx to spend my gift card and actually bought some wedding related items.

I picked up:
*yellow candy
*bridesmaid gifts
*apothecary jar

and some random stuff for myself. I spend some kind of embarrassing amount of time there but I am a very thorough shopper who rethinks all her purchases.

The middle jar is the one I got yesterday for only $5! They also had a bunch for $10 but I might shop around for cheaper. The two smaller glass vases I got from my office because they were going to toss them.

I bought a couple packages of these too. The sticks are a good bargain because they are about 0 ina pack and I can use them for the candy cones I want to make with the whirly pops. I probably have to invest in more soft lemon candy since I don't think I bought enough to fill anything. I'm a sucker for this sweet packaging too.

These are just very cute bride and groom (cups?) that my boss gave me. I love how dapper this duo is!!


Good laugh

Great sandals, good cause

I love how cool this bride is

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