Tuesday, August 18, 2009

I Can't Believe It's Only Tuesday

(image via once wed)

Day 2! Did the treadmill. Did a preset workout "rolling hills" and it didn't kick my butt like I thought it would (it was the preset I used to do when I used to work out everyday). Should I up the ante already??

Found both of these shopping on Nordstrom last night:

Both are under $100 which is good but I have no idea why i thought it was a good idea to go to their site. I think some shirts at Marshalls are too expensive. Also I saw wonderful brands with $400 price tags (mostly kate spade) so why tease myself?? I also made a wishlist on Anthropologie of dresses I like that are too expensive. Also, I'm already brianstorming Christmas gifts and I've been looking at baby crafts online too. What is wrong with me????

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