Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Things on My Mind

Sorry about all the lists but it is how I operate

1. lets get in shape already! I admit some of my pants are feeling looser but it is because I am eating less not working out. So here is my goal and maybe if I type it it will become real: in a week when my summer schedule ends ( I work extra during the week with Mondays off, going in at 7:30 instead of 8:30 with a short lunch), I will continue waking up early and do my treadmill in the morning.

2. how sweet is this? I am picturing those cute raccoons announcing a wedding :)

(image via mint)

3. this is definitely making me re-think my hair idea. Really re-think them. Your thoughts?

(image via cup of jo)

3. Sigh....Just very nice, nothing else

(image via with this ring)

Go to these!!!

This whole wedding is amazing

Great article. I can sympathize since when I went dress shopping my size was the biggest size at the store. I'm sorry, no one above size 12/14 gets married???? The best part was when they also told me the dresses ran small. Jeez Louise.

So this wedding is really cute but the music is the best part!!!! friends with stephen merritt? how do i do that? please seriously!!!

Hot dog carts at a wedding? Yes please!

Red penguin strikes again! Love it.

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