Thursday, August 20, 2009

Ode to Liz

My best friend is amazing. We met in junior high band. She is my moral compass, helping me solve such dilemmas as "is it okay to buy maternity shirts if they only cost $1 and I am not pregnant?" or "am I a bad person if i go to bed at 7 pm?" today she sent me an awesome etsy site. because she rules. her ridiculously cool sense of style/craftiness is one of the many reasons i am so happy that she will be my maid of honor.

(can be found here at ballandchain's etsy shop)

I love faux bois. On pretty much anything. Could this be a wedding band? It would be awesome I think.

Your thoughts?


  1. Eeep! Yay! I love them too. I think they would make fantastic wedding bands.

    p.s. This is the cutest blog post ever. I'm so glad we were both so bad at playing the flute so we could sit together. Not practicing was the best decision of my life.

    p.p.s. Don't tell my dad I never practiced!

  2. theres nothing like faking playing the flute during concerts to make friends...oh and learning to play phantom of the opera songs too :)

  3. "Bad at flute. Good at friendship." That should be our motto.

  4. Wow, thank you for posting my rings!
    I often am doing these for couples getting married.
    I love it that people like these as wedding bands!