Thursday, August 27, 2009

Almost Friday

It's time for 'stuff i like thursday':

Don't you just love these headbands? The ruffles especially tug at my heart. You can buy this and more awesome accessories/paper goods at HeartofLight's etsy shop.

I like this idea more than the price. I feel kinda bad saying that since it is for charity. I'm sure you've seen the tom shoes ads ( i think it might be within a cell phone ad). For every pair of shoes you buy, one is donated to someone in need. They are now making wedding shoes but they are $54. I feel the same way about these shoes. I love the idea but I maybe don't see myself wearing gold slippers down the aisle (relaxing in them or going to target is a different story). However, the sseko shoes would be adorable bridesmaid shoes. What do you think ladies??

Oh Martha! Such an excellent idea! Then when you have leftover radicchio, you can make this.

P.S. What are your thoughts on this?

***Important Update: this totally works with a bunch of celery too (i found this out much to my delight when I was cutting it into sticks!)***


  1. I can't get the sseko link to work...


    i hope this works better. I was looking at the teal & blue striped sandals

  3. Cute, comfy looking and inexpensive. Awesome.